Monday, January 2, 2017

Somehow it's 2017

Hi everyone! Happy New Year!
This week went by super fast. It was a great week of random firewords going off at all hours of the day. My compa and I actually we really sick this week. It was a bummer...But we were able to do a ton of things here! We actually got to visit a few of our new areas. It was awesome! We are getting to know a lot of new people. 
Its interesting because now that all of our old investigators are baptized... we get to look for more!!! haha Its actaully pretty awesome because my companion and I just started talking to everyone in the street, in the stores, in front of their houses... everyone! Its awesome! The obviously means that we got rejected a bunch of times! haha Oh well! It has to happen. 
We are so blessed to be here in such a big area! We are realizing more and more that our ward is struggling but we are doing our best to help it. We are planning an awesome activity that we hope will help!
We were super happy to finally be able to see Hna Karen be baptized!!!! She was sooo super happy! She invited a bunch of her family! It was really special! We didnt think any of the members would show up but "somehow" 3 hnas showed up at the last minute. Karen was able to see their support. What a blessing! 
On New Years Eve we were able to eat with La Familia Sanchez. They are super great! We ate a ton of food!!! Yum!! They are the best!!!! We had such a great time!
It was kinda funny because practically no one made it to church on Sunday. It was super interesting because a young man showed up who told us he hasnt been to church in 2 years. He actaully isnt from here but in the morning on Sundayhe got into a taxi and only told him to take him to a Mormon Church. haha and he showed up! It was awesome! We hope he keeps coming. 
I offically have 15 months in the mission. Its all going to so fast. With the new year and everything it makes me sad to think that this awesome adventure is almost over. But! I also know that this will be a great year! 2017! Wahoo! 
Love you all so much! May this new year be full of new challenges and changes! May we learn to trust in the Lord more this new year. 

Thanks for everything! 
Happy New Year!

Hermana Morgan Connolly

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