Thursday, October 1, 2015

First Email from Hermana Connolly

Hi! Hermana Connolly here! Everything is going great here. It's Day 2 so Im just getting started and I still have a ton to learn. We have already had some great experiences here! Its so wonderful. The MTC is truly an amazing place. 
Learning Spanish is going to be so crazy! My teacher is so great and I have a great district. It will be a lot of fun and hard work. Pray for me! 
My companion is Hermana Clyde and we have clicked ever since we met each other. She is super fun and we learn a lot from each other's thoughts and impressions. I love her!
I still cannot believe that this is all real. I'm all in! They put my name tag on yesterday when I first got here and it was incredible! It was in that moment that I felt so very blessed. I am officially Hermana Connolly. 
I feel so blessed to be here and all of the hard work to get here has truly payed off, and its only the 2nd day! Wow! Everyone here is so happy and everyone loved to say Hi to you as you pass by. It's awesome. I do not have my 'dork dot' on my badge anymore, but I keep it in the back in case I ever need to put it back on to get a confidence booster from those around me. I love it! 
Well, thats really all that I have time to share with you at the moment. Hope to write you soon! 
I love you all!

With all my love, 
Hermana Connolly

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