Wednesday, October 7, 2015

October 4, 2015

Hola Familia!

Sorry, I know that it's only been a little bit since I wrote last, but we have had a ton of "free time" in our schedule because of conference that I wanted to write you again.

The MTC has been a ton of fun! Also, a lot of work...but, it's worth it! Hermana Clyde and I taught our first investigator on Friday and it was VERY hard...eek. Spanish is hard! But, it was just our first one and we did our best.:)

I have really enjoyed conference weekend. So wonderful. It's been amazing to see how I can relate to so may of the talks. Heavenly Father has definitely helped me to stay awake during the sessions, because I am way tired! Haha. All part of the adventure, right?

I really feel so happy right now. I'm afraid for when things will get hard, but I hope I can approach it with a good attitude & get through it. Hermana Clyde has been having a really hard time the past few days and I wish that there was more that I could do to help her. She is highly considering talking to our branch president about going home either tomorrow or Tuesday. Sad right? I totally feel that she is supposed to be here, but if she doesn't feel that way it must be meant to be. That means I will then be put into a trio with Hermana Calel and Hermana Hulme. They are really sweet and I have gotten to know them really well recently, so that has been a blessing. Don't know if I mentioned this before but Hermana Hulme was actually in my AFY group he 2nd year that I went! Crazy right?! I couldn't believe it! It has been really fun to think back to then and laugh about it.

This week of classes are going to be crazy! My district is really fun, but our language classes are probably going to get a lot harder. Pray for me. here is an Elder in my district who is actually going to my same mission. He's pretty cool.

Okay BTW, there are a few things that I need. Sorry Mom. Haha. Laundry basket or bag, hangers if you think it would be worth it to have in the MTC, stamps, anyone want to buy me post-its? I'd love you forever. Could you get some addresses for me? Anthony, Grandma Sharon, Grandma Joanie, Aunt Tracy, Dad, and Mackenzie's college address? Thanks. I think that's it.

Miss you all a ton! I think about you everyday! I love you Mom! I love you Dad! I love you Paige! I love you Tyler! I love you Jacob! I love you Brayden! I love you Justin!

I hope that you enjoyed conference. I'd love to hear any of the quotes that you liked. My favorite is when multiple speakers from yesterday "He will take you as you are." That is so perfectly said. So true. He loves us so much that He will take us at whatever stage or situation we may be in. Also, Mom I thought of you the entire time during Elder Holland's talk, You are such a perfect example of Christ-like love. Thank you for that.We are all so grateful for you.

So exciting to hear about the new apostles sustained yesterday. I can't wait to hear from them today.

I love you all so much! hanks for everything.How's the blog going Mom? hanks for using I loved getting your letter. I'm glad to hear that Paige's thing went well. I hope you all feel free write me. I love you!

With all my love,
Hermana Connolly

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