Monday, November 23, 2015

Hola everyone! Hope all is going well! I miss you all!

This week has definitely been an interesting one! Ive learned a lot from this week. Prayer is so super important everyone! And not just for me because Im a missinoary, because its important for everyone! Ive learned a lot of Spanish! Also Ive learned about how mcuh we have to trust in the Lord to follow his plan for us. I know with all my heart that everything happens for a reason. 

The rain here is so crazy! I know that I probably talked about it last time too but really and truly, its insane! Like crazy rainstorms everyday! It is soo much fun!!! haha my shoes are so wet all the time! haha best adventure yet! haha

Ive had some funny experiences with lunch/dinner appointments because everyone can clearly tell that Im American. haha Often times they think that I wont like the food but it truly is sooo good! haha! Its funny how much people here want to learn English. I had the cutest little girl come up to me after sacrament meeting last sunday and try to speak to me in what little Enlgish she knew. Watching her try so hard and be so excited about it reminded me of how I need to be better about my attitude here in the mission feild. haha I want to be so much better! That little girl was one of the many tender mercies that Ive experinced so far. 
Some thing that ive been thinking a lot about it something I learned and taught my Brighton campers this past summer. It was "focus on what you can do rather than what you cant." I love this! and it has realle been something Ive tried t focus on here in the mission!  I just know that i need to bare my small and simple testimony in Spanish for now and thats all I need. (Alma 4:19

Food here is great. I had Dominoes today and they have the best hot sauce that they put on the pizza! Yum! I wish that they had that in the US. 
The way we get around here is mostly walking. There are also Combis which are fun and are basically a small van that a bunch of people all somehow fit in. We also take taxis sometimes if we are heading somewhere a little further away. 
Tapachula is really so beautiful! The attached picture is one that I quickly took because the sky was so incredibly beautiful! haha 

Hope all is well in the US! haha Tapachla is doing great! We are working and praying really hard to have success this week! My companion and I have made some great goals and hopes for the next couple of weeks! haha love it! haha 

Thank you for all the love and support! Sorry that this was not very long, Its been a long day so Im struggling to remember everything. haha 


Con amor,
Hermana Connolly 


  1. Morgan, you are having an incredible experience and it all sounds so familiar. We love you and feel your testimony and it blesses our lives.

    No doubt this will be the best 18 months of your life.

    Love you Honey,


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