Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Be Thou Humble in Thy Weakness and The Lord Thy God Shall Lead Thee

This week was full of ups and downs! It was a great week because we truly did work SO hard this week in our area! It is great! We are trying to work super super hard! We had interviews with our mission president this last week and we learned that there were only 2 baptisms last year for our area. Because of this, our pres is thinking of closing our area. Aw! I hope that its not true but I have no idea. It is for this reason that we are REALLY truly to work hard and find all the potential that is here in Tapachula! Wahoo! 
We were able to find a few new investigators and we are going to meet with them this week. Fingers Crossed! Hopefully! 
It was so fun this week because we were able to make a pie with one of our investigators! It was so amazing! and it turned out really great! Yum!!! 
The investigators that we are really hoping for are the 3 Jovenes who came to church last week, Marian, Paulina, and Lupita. Two of the three were able to come to church again this Sunday! wahoo! It was great! I love how much Las Mujeres Jovenes are taking care of them and inviting them to all of the activities! It makes me miss YW! awww...... Young women's is the best!!!! They have already been to 2 YW acitivies and are going to 2 more this week. wow! The hard part is that even though their abuelita y mamá are very friendly and super open to have them hear the lessons, they havent exactly given them permission to be baptized. Sad day. but! We are praying a ton for them and (of course) we are going to keep working really hard with them! We taught L1 and introduced el Libro de Mormón to them and they were super excited! It was so awesome to see how curious they were ti find out why my comp and I love this book so much! Lets just say that we really bore powerful testimony of el LDM during this lesson. It was really powerful!
Anther amazing experience was with our new investigator Jose Luis. This week we were able to teach him and it was great. He knows a lot about the Bible and has a lot of questions about José Smith, but it is amazing how he still is able to feel "something" different about our message. We are hoping that we can keep teaching him this week to help him to really know that José Smith really was a true prophet. I had an amazing experience during this lesson because after we had shared our message he asked each of us how long we had been members of the church. I was filled with this amazing feeling of comfort as I was able to say "Por todo mi vida." It was a feeling of comfort because it has been really hard for me to feel that I know the things that we are teaching when I can barely say them. Its the weirdest and hardest feeling ever. 
Spanish is.... getting there. Its super hard and I know that I need to be more patient with myself. Its been really great! Im so grateful for the gift of tongues that helps me everyday! Every Single Day! What a great experience this is! I feel so lucky to be here meeting all of these amazing people in México! Sometimes I cant really believe that I am here! This is all a dream
I'm living the Dream!

I hope that I can become the missionary that the Lord wants me to be. Im learning something new every day.... more like every minute! Its a great experience! Super hard! but so amazing! Its such a humbling experience and such an adventure! Wow! Here's to another great week of miracles! 

Thanks for all of the love and support! 

Con amor, 
Hna Connolly 

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