Monday, January 11, 2016

Miracles are Real!

This week was truly incredible! We experienced a ton of miracles this week. It started out rough because we still didnt have investigators. We had an activity jueves where we had divisiones con los elderes and two young women and two returned missionaries who were all going to work with us in our area. We all had our own area to contact basically as many people as we could. It was great! We each worked a ton! Its was incredible! And..... we are only just starting to see the miracles that have come from this activity! 
We were able to find a random last minute contact that one of the elders had made and turns out that there are 3 amazing hermanas that all live there. Two are young women and the other is a little bit older. They are amazing! They are so kind and we all instantly clicked as soon as we met. We are only just starting to teach them Lección 1 and we feel so blessed to have found them. They TRULY have this desire to learn and to build this relationship with nuestro Padre Celestial. Its so great! They even all came to church domingo. Hna Conde and I went to see if they were ready for church and we were praying soo hard. To our lovely surprise they were indeed all ready to attend church with us. It was the best feeling ever! So much joy! 
Another miracle was more of a surprise. At the end of sacrament meeting we stood up to lead these 2 Hnas to the next class where we then realized that one of our contacts from the night before was sitting on the back row with a few members. He attended all of the classes that day and truly was willing to participate. 
It was amazing to see how all of the talks, classes, and topics of sunday were all perfect for each of these investigators! This was an incredibe experience because although some of the topics were a little bit hard to understand, they were able to have a clear understanding of all of it. Yo sé que fue el Espíritu Santo! So in case you havent figured it out, Domingo was an incredible day! 
We are starting to have a few Noches De Hogar every now and again and they are incredible! I testify that Famiy Night is SO important for a family to function. It is a time to grow together spiritually and to become closer. We are going to have one tonight with these 3 Hnas and we are going to watch Conozca los Mormonas! ( Meet the Mormons) Im so excited! I love this movie! Cant wait! 
I know that Heavenly Father is looking out for me here on my mission because I have felt his love throughout this entire week. As I have been working and doing what I can, i sometime fall short. But, there is always someone who makes up the difference, and that is our Padre Celestial and Jesucristo. I feel so lucky to be here on a mission to be able to serve and share my testimony. I have already learned a lot and I have a ton to learn still! Bring it on! Adventure is out there! 
Love you all so much! Take Care! 
Con amor, 
Hna Connolly 

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