Monday, January 25, 2016

Eek! Time is passing by TOO fast!

Honestly this week went by super fast! Eek! And I have realized over and over again that my whole mission is going to go by super fast. So we are going to have to see. Yikes!
Well... first! This week was indeed really hard. My Spanish is not so good and I know that I mess up all the time but I have felt the Spirit so strong every time I mess up because I know that its all going to be okay and that "somehow" these people will understand. But! Its so hard when I realize how much patience these people and my companion have to have with me. eek! haha
This week I learned a ton of things! We had a Conference with Elder Toris who was amazing! It was with my zone along with 2 other zones and our presidente de mision. We learned about how we can better use Pedicad Mi Evangelio más every day! Its awesome! We learned about how much we need to work with the members of our ward. In continuation with this we then watched a broadcast specifically for missionaries about working with members. Wahoo! We have only started putting it into practice and We have already seen miracles! wow! 
On Thursday we had Intercambios again!!!! And this time I was in my own area! I was with Hna Barraza who is seriously the sweetest! She is so cute and helped me so much throughout the day. I was really nervous but it all worked out so well! We had an amazing experience together because we had a cita with the 3 Hermanas that we have been working with (Lupita, Marian, y Paulina). We had planned to watch la película about the Life of Jose Smith. I was really nervous because I didn't know how we were going to best help these amazing 3 Hnas to understand how amazing the life of Jose Smith was and how he did it all because it is TRUE. We started out with an introduction and I was completely led by the Spirit. I explained to them what our hopes were for this night. The mood completely changed and somehow these Hnas understood that this was something that truly meant a lot to Hna Barraza y yo and that it was something important. We had a great time and I know that they felt the Spirit. Hna Barraza expressed how amazing it was with them and all because we explained to them our true hopes for the night and bore testimony of Jose Smith. 
We had another amazing experience with one of the menos activos in nuestro barrio named Marta. She has been inactive for a while now but she has such a strong testimony. The only thing is she doesn't go to church.... which is (you know) pretty important! haha We had told her to do something a little different from our next visit. We told her that she needed to read the first folleto of La Restauracion and then she would be the one teaching us. She wasn't excited but she was also very curious to see how it would go. 
We entered her cute little store on viernes and we were about 10 minutes late and she so sweetly let us to where she has set out 2 chairs prepping for us to come. She had all of her scriptures and manuals laid out and piled high on her desk. She has prepared everything! She bore such a sweet testimony of the whole thing! She shared scriptures. She taught everything perfectly. It was amazing to see how great she felt when she realized that she has done a perfect job. We were in awe! There was this amazing "bubble" of the Spirit that was so incredible! I didn't want this moment to end and I was truly speechless. I could barely say much in return because I didn't have the words to express how wonderful I felt. wow. I truly know that this church is true. I was reminded of something I had learned in the MTC that the first lesson is perfect for everyone. It is the foundation of everything. When we understand that Jose Smith was a prophet and that he restored the same church that Jesucristo established we can then understand The Word of Wisdom, why we attend church every Sunday, why we must come unto Christ and so much more. Its amazing! 

I am so grateful for this opportunity and I wish that I could write more but time has yet again passed by too fast. Eek! Thank you for all the support and love that I have felt from all of you. I am so lucky to be here and to have the Gospel in my life. 

May we all see the love of God a little more in our lives. 
Con todo mi amor, 
Hna Morgan Connolly

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