Monday, February 1, 2016

4 Meses and Going Strong

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Hola! Hola!

First off! I want to thank my lovely home ward Mountain View 1st for sending me the beautiful Christmas package full of lovely letters! It was so amazing to feel everyone's support and love! So, Thank you so much!!!!!!!
This week was crazy and full of emotions (as always i guess. haha) It was a week full of hard work and many humbling experiences. I am learning a lot about how I can be more humble in this work. And I cant lie, Its pretty hard. But I know that I can receive the help of my Padre Celestial. 
We are really working hard with the Fam Cruz! They are so amazing and they have permission to be baptized! But! They aren't quite sure if they feel ready or not. Hna Conde and I are praying a ton for them! They truly have so much faith that this is true. It is always so amazing to see them as they feel the Spirit. We are going to meet with them tonight and set an official baptism date for the 20th of Feb. We are hoping that they accept. Woot! 
The sad part about this week was that we didn't find any nuevos para enseñar. This was rough.... we did all of our street contacts but they were either not interested or didn't live in our area. That is actually something really funny about our area is because it is near el centro y la OCC (bus station) so that means that people are either there to shop or to travel. Its really cool though because we meet a ton of people from all over. Now we just have to find people in our area. Fingers Crossed! 
Last Lunes Hna Conde and I traveled a small ways to her past area in Izapa. It was so sweet! We met a ton of amazing people! They are so great! Chiapas is really an amazing place! 
We had out last reunión de zona (before cambios) on Miércoles and it was amazing. I learned about how much more I need to use Preach My Gospel. Something that I learned was that we need to use it just as much as we use El Libro De Mormón. Like.. wow! So true! We talked about how Elder Toris taught us about 3 types of missionaries. The first 10% don't want to be here and don't have the motivation to work their hardest. The next 80% of missionaries are where most of us are. Who are willing to work hard and who do all that they can to meet all of their goals. This is a really good place to be because we can be able to see the effects of our work. But! There is another 10% of missionaries who are the ones that we should all be trying to become. They are the ones who do EVERYTHING because "aman El Señor" (They love the Lord). This is where we can try to be as a missionary. To work hard, love your companion, love the members, work with menos activos and KeeP working all because we love the Lord. This was an amazing reunión that we had! It was great! Hoping that I can humble myself and show my love more freely for the Lord by striving to be a part of that top 10%. 
We had a kinda funny experience the other day in regards to our investigator Isis. She is 9 years old and we have been working with her for about a month now. Well, we were in a lesson with one the the menos activos in our ward who runs a Quesadilla Restaurant. We were about to finish a lesson with her when suddenly Isis and her family all walk in with tons of suitcases. Well, turns out that she is moving back to Cancun with her mom. Yup, so that was pretty funny because she was originally going to be baptized the following day. haha, gotta love it! Well we know that someday she will be baptized because she is going to hopefully keep working hard to read her Libro de Mormón. Aww! I love Isis! 

Well Hna Conde and I celebrated her Cumplimes on lunes and my cumplimes sabado! haha wow! 4 Meses! Wahoo! 
Anyways, sorry that i cant write more! I love you all so much and I am so grateful for this opportunity to be a missionary! Its the best! Its also the hardest thing ever but its the best! 
Take Care! Love you all to the moon and back! 

Con Amor, 
The most gringa Americana en México, 
Hna Morgan Connolly

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  1. Morgan these pictures remind me of my mission, so glad you are having a wonderful experience. You continue to uplift us and bless us here at home. We miss you and love you!


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