Saturday, January 2, 2016

Navidad! Navidad! Navidad!

This week was so amazing! It was full of so many fun adventures and Navideña activities! 
On Monday night we had La Cena Navideña de barrio. It was really fun! It was really wonderful to hear the ward choir sing. The spirit was so strong! 
My companion and I spent Noche Bueno with the bishop and his fam. Everyone eats dinner much later than our curfew so luckily they fed us a little early. haha It was delicious. We were so full! At midnight, there were a TON of fireworks!!! Like everyone describes it as being like a battle field! It is so true! It was so loud! We didnt sleep much that night. haha. 
We had a wonderful Chirstmas Day also! We spent most of it with our zone which was so wonderful! There was such a great spirit and we learned more about how we can think about el nacimiento de Jesucristo throughout the whole year. We were also prepping ourselves for our Blanca Navidad the next day too. We were all so excited! 
The activity turned out so beautiful! I wish that I had more pics of it! It was amazing as we were able to "set the scene" of the 3 wise men coming to give gifts to Christ. Then we were blessed to have 3 baptisms. There were not any from our area but it was so amazing to get to experience it with other missionaries in our zone. It was amazing! So beautiful! What a wonderful way to spent Christmas focused on the way that we can truly follow the example of Jesus Christ in our lives. 
Yesterday I got to talk to my family which was amazing! I truly am so blessed to have such a wonderful family! Their love and support have already helped me so much during my mission. I am so blessed! 
I am so grateful for this opportunity to be here on the mission because I am learning so much. I am learning about how I can better live the Gospel and how I can better share my testimony. Mexico is such an amazing place! Its unlike anything Ive ever imagined! Everything is so different but that's what makes it such an adventure. 
I hope that everyone has a wonderful New Year! I heard the the fireworks here are supposed to be worse for New Years! Bring it on! haha 
Love you all so much! May the new year bring us all many new adventures, opportunities, and blessings.

Con amor, 
Hna Morgan Connolly  

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