Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving and "Let the Miracles Begin!"

And that my friends is how November ended... haha I cant believe that we are about to start December. This past week was really great!!!! We are super grateful for all of the wonderful investigatores that we are teaching. They are so great! We are so happy because Aurel, Karen and Monse are all preparing themselves to be baptized in December! Its going to a month full of wonderful experiences and new adventures! 
Well they finally told us about los cambios... and... Hna Gomez is leaving. She will be going to Comitan. aw.. Im really sad because she is seriously the best! But i know that she will have so many great new adventures! 
And this cambio I will actually be training! Wahoo!!! Hna Gomez is going to have a little sister! haha! Im super excited but really nervous! Im mostly nervous because of our area. First off its huge... and now its even more HUGE! instead of having 4 hermana misioneras in the ward there will now only be two... but the area is huuuge! haha Im nervous but... nothings impossible right? There will be lots of needed prayers. I dont know who mi hijita is yet but I know that she will be all ready to go! Looking forward to it all! Hard times... new adventures.. and all of the above! haha 
This week we were able to have quite a few lessons com member present which was great! 
This week we started teaching the niece of Alfonso. She is really great! We had an awesome activity on Wednesdaywhere we invited all of the members and our investigators to come and play soccer and basketball! It was a super last minute activity that we put together but it turned out really well. A bunch of our investigators came along with a bunch of members. Even the bishop made time to come and play. It was awesome! 
On Friday we actually have a service project as a zone. La Hna Margott in our ward sells school unifroms and we helped her to do her inventory. It was really great! It took a lot time and we didnt even get to finish but it was great! After we had worked a few hours we ate a bunch of carna asada! yumm!! It might have been a day late..  but it was definitaly my Thanksgiving feast! haha Lets just say... I ate a TON of tortillas! Yum! 
Im super greateful for the oportunity I have to be here especially that I get to train this next cambio my new companion. I know that I will have to trust in the Lord more so that He will lead and guide me. I am so grateful for my family who always supports me. I know that the Lord always wants to help us. Sometimes all we have to do is ASK for it! 
I know that the Book of Mormon is true. It really has all of the answers that we need. 

I love the Gospel! I love my mission! 
con amor, 
Hna Connolly

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