Monday, November 28, 2016

¡Bienvenidos a Noviembre!

Well This week was super fun! We had an adventure with El Dia De Los Muertos which is the 1 and 2nd of November. We found it only a "little" hard to find people to teach on the 1st because thats when everyone goes out to ask for candy and stuff. Its awesome here because instead of TrickorTreat they all sing a little song to ask for "calabaza" (Pumpkin)
"Somos angelitos, del cielo bajamos.
Pidiendo calabaza para que comamos.
No queremos vino, tampoco cerveza,
Solo queremos lo que hay en la mesa." 
It was super fun! We enjoyed it! haha 
We had a very succesful week as we were able to help our investagator Aurel make it to church for the first time! First Timer! It was awesome! She is so great! She already has a testmiony of Jose Smith and loves to learn about the Gospel. She even accepted to be baptized!!! We are planning it for the 10th of Dicember! We hope that she keeps progressing! What a miracle it is when we are able to find those who are looking for and needing the Gospel. :D 
We are also working with Mosne who has a bunch of family members who are members and she also wants to be baptized! We are going to be planning her baptism for the 26 of November. Hopefully it all turns out well! She is super excited! 
We are seeing a lot of miracles here in our area!!!!!

Today la Hna Maria Luisa took us to.... " Chiapa de Corzo "!!! Its a super turisty place! lol! Its was awesome!!!! We took a ton of AWESOME pics!!!!! I loved it!!! We had a great time!!! 

Love you all so much!!!

Con amor,
Hna Connolly

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