Monday, April 3, 2017

Hola! Writing to you all for the last time here in Chiapas!

Hola everyone! 

Its rough to say goodbye to everyone. Its weird to some comprehend that Ill soon leave Mexico. Its all a bi jumble of emotions! Im feeling really good! This week was super awesome!!!! We had so many awesome experiences that Ill do my best to write it all down..... 

Monday, We ate Tacos! Yum!! It was the BEST! We practically just wandered around el centro looking for stuff to buy. It was awesome! I think Ive finally bought all the recuerdos I need. Lol! 
Tuesday, We had our Zone Activity with Pdt George. We were too the zoo (which is actaully in our area. LOL) It was awesome! We took a lot of pictures and we go to enjoy the morning looking at all the awesome animals. It was great! Afterwards we had an awesome conference where we talking about being humble and how to trust that the Lord will guide us. Loved it! 
Wednesday, We got to help out la Hna Aurelia with her Family History. It was awesome! She is having a few dificulties with her family but we are praying for her a lot. The night we had our Actividad Deportiva. We had actaully planned to have the baptism interview of Idalia at the same time but we had a little confusion with the time... and she got there way early and left before we could
catch up to her. aww.. But dont worry it all worked out. ;P

IT WAS AMAZING!!! We got to go to the temple! We went with Aurelia. She wasnt able to print our her name cards but she used temple names. We got to help her out getting her clothes and everything. It was super awesome because normally the missionaries arent there helping out with baptisms so everyone was like " Oh the missionares need this." "Here missionaries, Well help you." It was adorable!!! 
Aurelia was waiting to do baptisms when the temple pdt called us over and said that he had a few family names that We could do if we wanted to. Of course we did!! It was awesome!! It was a super great experience and Aurelia was super happy because we also participating. It was amazing! What a great feeling of peace and satisfacion! Atalia also went to the temple for the first time. She loved it! 
Friday, was also really great because... Idalia was baptized!!! Wahoo! She is so great! She is so faithful! In the morning we had our last reunion de distrito which was great! right afterwards we ate super fast and then went the idalias house to have the interview. It all turned out well and then at 5ish we started her baptismal service! It was amazing!! We still arent sure how but a bunch of Hnas from the ward were able to come! It was so great!!!!!! They supported her in every moment! They even brought some Pozol and cookies to eat. We are so happy becaquse her husbadn was also able to come. It was amazing!!!! 
Saturday, #conf! I loved watching General Conference!! It was the best! 
Sunday, We saw a huge miracles as one of our old investigators was able to see the last session of the conf. It was PERFECT!!!! Especially when they talked directly to those who are investigating the Gospel. He wants to start learning again so my compa put another appointment with him. Hoping the best! 
and here we are again to Monday... I cant believe it! I am so happy for all that Ive done. My compa and I are actaully in Arriaga visiting a few people. Its awesome! and GUESS WHAT?????? 
Mi hija va a entrenar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Estoy tan feliz! I am soo proud of her! She is so great! Wow! Hoping to be able to meet my granddaughter. aww! 
Now i feel like I truly understand the phrase.. "all good things must come to an end." 
I am so grateful that God has given me the wonderful chance to be here in the mission. Chiapas is such a special place to me now and I will forever remember it as the place where I grew spirutally. I have learned so much here and I hope to keep learning. :) 
Shout out to my awesome family for being so pacient this past year and a half! The time has now come to return home... with honor. :D 
Thanks for all the love and support that I have recieved from everyone! What a blessing it is to be united in the faith in our Heavenly FAther and His Son Jesus Christ. 
Sé que el Evangelio cambia vidas. Le he visto y sé que Él nos ama. 
:D Nos vemos pronto!!! Ill be getting on the plan this Thursday
Let the adventures continue! Im all in! Let the new chapter start! 

con todo mi amor y gratitud, 

Hermana Morgan Connolly 

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