Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Enjoy every moment

"El Fin Se Acerca y Hay Poco Tiempo"

Hi everyone!!! This week was really great because we were really about to enjoy it! Thats also why it went by super fast!!!! haha We had intercambios this week which was awesome! I was with Hna Arellano and it was amazing!!! I took a little break from my area and was able to learn a lot!! I love her to death! She will be finishing her mission a little bit after me. We had some really powerfull lessons that day! We are talking to everyone!!!!!!! We even found a new investigator who lives in my area! wahoo! We visited her for the first time yesterday and she is amazing. She really wants to learn more and knows that is something she needs. wow! I am so grateful that we found her! 
So this next week... La Hna Idalia is going to be baptized!! Wahoo! She is so great! She is so excited! Her baptism will be this Friday because of the General Conference. She has tried so hard to prepare herself that we feel so grateful to have been able to help her in the process. Yesterday we visited her and we could literally FEEL the Spirit telling us that she was ready to be baptized. It was amazing! Ill never forget her faith and determination. 
My amazing little compita made me mac and cheese the other day. It was amazing! She is so great! I gonna miss her! 
Im determinted to make this last week really count! I really cant put into words how grateful I am to be here serving the Lord. I feel like I will return home different because here in the mission I have learned to love the Lord in so many new and different ways. I know that He is happy for what I have done here. I only hope to be able to keep serving him throughout my whole life. I know that He loves us. He wants us to be happy! The Gospel gives us a JOY that the world cant give us. The Gospel allows us to be eternally happy. What a blessing it is to have the Gospel. THAT´S why we should always be wiling to share the gospel! 
This may be my last week in the mission but I know that it will be full of amazing experiences. I am determined to keep strong and enjoy every moment! 
I am SO excited for General Conference because I know it will be great! Enjoy it! Watch it all! I loved the Womens Session. So powerful! We, as women, have such a big potental! 

Thanks for all the support and love that I have always recieved from my wonderful family and friends! I love you all!
con TODO mi amor, 
Hna Connolly

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