Monday, December 7, 2015

You can tell Him anything or even just how you feel

This week was really great and really hard. I feel so blessed everyday to be here in Tapachula. Its an incredible experience! I learn something new every day.... actually I learn about a thousand new things everyday! haha
The language is coming along and Im trying to help my companion as best that I can. We are a super funny team. She is so great! The hardest thing for me at the moment is street contacting so that is something I working on becomg better at. 
We had an amazing week of hard work and amazing miracles! With much faith and hard work we were able to find a bunch of new investigators for this week. Wahoo! It will be great to work with them. We have one investigator who is about 17 years old and she has been talking to the missionaries for a while now but has been super busy.
She loves talking with us so we find ways to fit into her schedule. She went to a recent Young Adult activity here and she is realizing how amazing the organization of the church is and how wonderful it is to be around people just like her with good standards. She said that she felt the Spirit and she is planning on being baptized in Enero. Wahoo! She is amazing! 
I had another unexpected adventure this week as I needed to go to Tuxtla yet again in order to finalize things for my immigration papers. So on Tuesday afternoon I took a long bus ride to Tuxtla where I stayed at the misson home. It was great! I traveled with one of the Hermanas who came with me from the Provo MTC so we got to catch up and talk about all of the cool things that we have experienced! 
Everything went great with my papers so Im thinking I wont have to go to Tuxtla for a while but I have no idea, so we will see. 
Last Sunday we went on Splits and I contacted a pair of cute elderly woman who were just outside their house. They are so special and when we taught them the Restoration this week it was so powerful and they were so receptive. They werent able to come to church yesterday but we are hoping to meet with them again really soon this week to help them come next week. 
We found a cute young mom last week and have been teaching her a lot this past week. She has a cute son and is pregnant with another boy. She is so precious and has kind of a hard life. It has been so amazing to see how the Gopsel can help her life! Ive already seen her change with the Gospel in her life and its only been a week and a half! She got to come to sacrament meeting yesterday and I think that she really liked it. There were so may testmonies given that I felt were just for her. I feel so blessed to have met her. 
Im reminded every day how funny it is to be a ginga here! haha Everyone can already tell Im from the US but the tender mercy is that people have been so pacient with me and have listened to what I had to say even with my broken Spanish. Its amazing! 
i feel so blessed to be here! This is an amazing work but it also a lot of work in every aspect. Im learning how to better trust in the plan of the Lord in everything. One of my new favorite EFY songs says,

 "When your mind is filled with things you dont know how to say outloud there is one whos listening with a love so real. You can tell Him anything or even just how you feel. He knows each of his children. He is never too far. Whatever the words, Whereve you are. He hears your heart,"

 This has helped me so much this week and I testify that it is so true! He knows us all! He knows our heart! Im so grateful for this gospel and for all the miracles Im priviledged to be a part of every week. 
Thank you for all your love and support! I feel the love of my Savior through each of you! 

Con amor, 
Hna Morgan Connolly


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    1. Morgan so proud of you, keep enjoying every minute.


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