Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Mexican Holidays

This week was definetly one full of more miracles and learning experiences! My Spanish is coming along alright. I wish it was better but its a process. ;) 
Started out with a small adventure on Monday night when I saw my first abnormaly large spider! eek! It was in front of one of our investigators house and goodness was I super afraid! haha It was hilarious! The pictures that we took are pretty funny! 
It is a really cool experience to be in Mexico for Christmas! There are a lot of fun things that people do here to celebrate! There is this large tree down one of the streets in our area that has super fun lanterns and a star! Its gorgeous and so creative! I love it! haha Me and Hna Wong took a ton of pics! haha
Im really excited to celebrate la Navidad here in Tapachula! Its going to be an entirely different Christmas! I get to be serving the Lord during this special time of the year.  
We were able to work really hard with a few of our investigators this week. It was really great because they are really progressing! We taught El Plan de Salvación a bunch this week! so great! I even mostly taught it once by myself! It was hard but i was grateful that my Hna Wong and our investigator were so patient with me!  It reminded me of how grateful I am to have a Father in heaven who created this plan for everyone so that we can be truly happy! He sent us here to the earth to gain expereince and to learn for ourselves. El Plan De Salvacion is perfect! 
We have a baptism (hopefully) for the 26th of December that I am super excited about! This night we are having a stake activity called Blanca Navidad and its a baptism service for all the stake to come and enjoy and be reminded of the true meaning and happiness of la Navidad. Its going to be amazing! We also have another baptism for the 9th of Enero which will be really beautiful! We were able to work really hard to serve and teach these two people this week. Im realizing how important it is to serve everyone that we teach. Service goes a long way!
We had a great meeting with our entire district jueves and it was amazing! We focused on our new goal for 2016 and also with the new iniciativa "Ha Nacido Un Salvador." Its so great! I invite EVERYONE to go watch the videos that are on lds.org because they are truly powerful. I love how it focuses on Jesucristo and can be enjoyed by everyone of all religions. It has been an amazing experience to use these vidoes to teach people here in Tapachula. There are two videos. The first is focusing on the fact that un Salvador was born and that he came here to earth for all of us! In order to Teach us, Be an example for us, Lead us, and Save us. All of us. I know this to be true. The second video is about ¿POR QUE necesitamos un Salvador? I know that we all need a Savior. We need help with the things that we cannot do for ourselves. He wants to help us in any way that we can and all we need to do is ask. 
 This morning was a big surprise for me and Hna Wong because we actually found out that she is leaving Tapachula! awww! I was in shock! I thought for sure that they wouldnt change us because we were in the middle of training! haha! oh well! This means that Ill be getting a new companion tomorrow which will be awesome! Her name is Hermana Conde and I have already heard amazing things about her! I am pretty excited! Im sad that Im not with Hna Wong anymore but this is going to be a great week and a great new experience! 
This next week is going to be full of new things! but somehow, I know that I can do it with the confidence in myself, the help of my companion, and the help of my Heavenly Father. 
Love you all so much! 
Happy Birthday Mom!!! 

With all my love, 
Hermana Connolly

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