Monday, February 15, 2016

Gringa en Mexico

Feb 1 - Feb 7
Hola Hola! This week has been quite the adventure! Full of may ups and downs. Its been great because as of last lunes we found out that Hna Conde and I are going to be together again here in Tapachula 2! wahoo! Its going to be great! However, its is also really hard for us to find new people to teach which is something that we really need at the moment. 

Lupita and Paulina are currently preparing for their fecha bautismal for the 20th of Feb! Wow! We are so excited! We had an amazing experience with Lupita this week as we set aside a time that we could help her to learn how to read, She apparently has learned a lot with the alphabet and everything but its always been hard for her to put the letters and sounds together. We prayed together and started to see what we could do. It was an incredible experience because we decided to help her with word recognition. She really wants to read El Libro de Mormón so we highlighted wherever it said "el Señor" in the first couple of chapters. We had this word written out on a paper where we practiced with her how to connect the letters to the sounds. She learned how to read it perfectly. Then we moved to el LDM. And she was able to recognize that she could read this word and know that el LDM talks and testifies of Christ. Wow! then it got better! We wrote out the word Mesías and let her try and figure it out on her own first. She totally read it and she wouldn't believe that she was able to do it!!! it was amazing! What a great experience! She is so excited about her baptism and wants to do all she can to learn to read so that she can read el LDM. What a testimony builder right?!? wow! 
A little while ago our investigator Hno Jorge Amores accepted a fecha for the 12th de Marzo. We were really excited when he accepted because we couldn't believe it! He knows that el LDM is true and that José Smith restored the church to the earth again but he cant quite figure out how to apply this all to why he needs to be baptized again. ( He has been baptized in 2 other churches) So obviously we have to help him to understand more about the priesthood. He mentioned all of his doubts the next visit after he has accepted una fecha so that was kinda hard... but its okay! Because we then has a really awesome lesson where we have me and my compa and also los elderes en mi distrito, E. Legoretta y E. Runyan. It was amazing. He didn't accept another fecha but he does want to think about it more and keep learning. He committed to coming to church this domingo so we are really excited to see how that all goes. We cant wait! He is so great!
Anyways, there is obviously a lot more that has happened this week but I cant share it all. I do want to testify of the power of prayer. I know that we can always pray to our heavenly father for help and especially for comfort. I know this because I have felt his love and his confidence in me during this hard but miraculous week. Through all the trials and miracles I know he is there with me.
Thank you for all of the love and support! 

The blue eyed gringa en México,
Hna Morgan Connolly

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