Monday, February 29, 2016

Miracles and a beautiful bautismo

This week was incredible! I really and truly don't have words to explain all of the wonderful things that I have learned this week. It was so amazing! We were able to see so many wonderful miracles this week! We met with La Fam Cruz (Paulina Lupita and Marian) a bunch this week so that we could help prepare Lupita and Paulina for the baptism on Sabado! It was amazing! We taught them about Family History and it was amazing! We taught about the temple and wow was the Spirit so strong! Lupita was really trying to not drink coffee and was so excited to tell us about how she hasn't had any coffee! wahoo! She is so amazing! Both her and her sister have such a visible amount of faith! They were so excited for sabado to come! 

We returned with them on miercoles to find out that Lupita had filled out about 85% of her Historia Familias booklet! wow! So amazing! We taught some of the last things that we needed to explain to them this night and afterwards we talked to her mom in order to make sure that she was in accordance with all of the plans for sabado. It was amazing because this was the first night that we really realized how much we need to work with their mom. She has become really curious about the things that we have taught her daughters.
They are such a cute family. It has become os evident to me of the amazing blessings that come when a family works together to live the principles of the gospel. 
Jueves was so crazy! We found a whole new street that we had no idea about in our area!!! It was so awesome! We couldn't believe it! Its not a very large street or anything but it truly was such a tender mercy! We even found a few new people to teach! Fingers crossed that they work out!

On Viernes we had intercambios with the capacitadoras which was so fun! I went to the nearby area of Bonanza with Hna Barraza (again!!!!!!) while Hna Conde and Hna Torres worked here in Tapachula 2. It was such an amazing day and i truly learned so much! I learned a lot from how humble Hna Barraza is. She truly does it all for el SeƱor. We taught a bunch of lessons during the day and wow! I loved how we truly focused on the doctrine that is taught through the scriptures. That is something that I am really trying to work on because i need to be better about teaching with the scriptures. We had such a great day together!
Sabado soon came and I was so excited! We had everything all ready! wahoo! LA Fam cruz showed up at la capilla super early which was a surprise but it was a perfect opportunity to show them around the church. The problem then arose that we had no keys to get into the closet with the baptism clothes. We called basically everyone and eventually we had someone come and open it for us.
This was truly a baptism to remember. About 20 mins before it started Hna Conde told me that I would be giving a message before the actual ordinance. wow! I had no idea what i was going to do! But.... Some how i was going to do it! We started of with actually quite a few people their. And even el papa de Paulina came! wow! That was so special! And yes, I did give the message about faith and it was incredible. I again do not have any words to describe it.... other than I know that the gift of tongues is real. I Don't remember a word that i said but Hna Conde said that my Spanish was perfect! I was so excited! eek! 

It was such a beautiful baptism where we even sang Noche De Luz at the end because it was the first hymn that we sang to them. aw! It was so wonderful! I really and truly left that baptism so filled with the love of our Savior. 
I know that our Heavenly Father truly has a plan for each of us. He is watching out for us each and every day. He showers us with so many blessings and all we need to do is look for them all around us. 
I am so grateful for these first 2 baptisms that I was able to experience thanks to my Padre Celestial. I am so grateful to be a missionary! wow! Its the best! 
Love you all! Take care! 

Con amor,
Hna Connolly

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