Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Week of adventures!!!!!

Hola everyone!! Hope all is going well! 
This week was pretty great! One of the coolest things of this week was definitely on miercoles, we had my first actividad con Presidente George! It is where we get a few of the zones together every 6 meses and have some sort of adventure! haha It was super fun! We went to a place called Cacahuatan! There is a waterfall there that we were able to go and see! It was so fun! And! It was fun because we got to wear pants!!!! haha gotta love a break from always wearing a skirt! haha! lol It was super fun! and for all of my Brighton friends, it totally reminded me of Brighton with all of our hiking! We didn't walked nearly as much as any of the hikes of Brighton but! it was fun to have everyone in a line hiking to this oh so beautiful waterfall! Love it! I took a ton of pics! We have the best mission pres ever! 
This week was really exciting because... we are going to have our first baptism!! It is going to be on sabado!! I am soooo excited! It is for Paulina and Lupita!
They are such cute Hnas and I love them to death! Paulina is loving Mujeres Jovenes and Lupita is starting to enjoy SOC SOC. Its amazing to see the people from the ward so easily love them both! It is going to be amazing. Lupita is trying so very hard not to drink coffee and is doing great. We are so proud of her! She is so excited! I know for a fact that our Father in Heaven loves and knows each of us individually. wow! 
We were sadly really disappointed when Hno Amores didn't come to church on domingo. eek. We have been working with him for a while now but hasn't made it to church. But! I guess we are going to figure out "que pasó." Love it!!!!! haha 
We are feeling a TON more heat hear in Tapachula and it is even going to get much much hotter! Wow! Bring it on! haha

Sorry! I know that this is a short email but I'm going to send a ton of photos from these past few weeks! haha 
Love you all so much! I truly know that the Gospel is meant to be spread to all the world. I know that i'm here for a reason and that I'm learning the things that He wants me to learn. I feel so lucky to be here. Missions are super hard but what a joy it is to literally be surrounded by miracles. Jesucristo nos ama. Nuestro Padre Celestial tiene un plan que es perfecto y es el Plan de Salvación. Estoy tan agradecida con mi Padre Celestial por esta oportunidad. 

Les Quiero Mucho!!!! Adios!

Shout out to my única hermana Paige on her birthday today!!! Woot woot! Love you Paige!!

Con amor, 
Hna Morgan Connolly 

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