Monday, March 7, 2016

Feliz Marzo!!! Do it all because you LOVE the Lord

This week truly went by super fast. Wow! I cant believe it! haha 
Well we had a really great week where were we able to visit with a few of the menos activos in our barrio. It was amazing! I also learn so much when we work with them. I am realizing how important it is that we go to church every domingo. We truly need it so that we can feel "renewed" for the following week. We were really trying to help people to be able to make it to the Conferencia de Estaca that we had yesterday. 
And our work payed off! The Lord  was able to help a good portion of the people we visited to be able to make it yesterday. Wow! We were so excited! I love this joy that I feel whenever someone makes it to church. Seriously! Its a unique kind of joy to know that they are coming becoming closer to Christ. 
La mamá de Paulina and Lupita was able to make it to the conference too! We werent sure how she was going to take it all in beause we knew that she wouldnt understand it all. But! The help of the Spirit is real! She understood a ton! We are realizing that she already knows a belives a lot of the doctrine. She even was able to understand why we have El Libro De Mormon. I loved it when they talked about temples. It was amazing to see la mama, along with Paulina and Lupita learn and feel how sacred los templos are. wow! We are so blessed to have so many too! Here in Tapachula, the closest temple is the Tuxtla Gutierrez which is about 4 and a half hours away so they are not about to go all that often but it is incredibile the way that these people have so much faith and make so many sacrifices in order to go.
In order to help our lovely and beautiful recent converts, Paulina and Lupita, we invited them join us for a few of our lessons this week. Pau wasn't able to make it but on martes Lupita joined us for a few of our lessons and goodness did we work her hard. We ended us walking a ton! She was so good and enjoyed every minute of it (even thought it was harder and hotter then expected. haha). She is so wonderful! We had a great lesson with a new investigator named Florinda. We met with her and Lupita was so wonderful! She made our first lesson so friendly and Florinda was really able to feel how important el Evangelio is to us. It was amazing! What a great missionary Lupita is! We met with Florinda later this week to and she is doing really well. She really wants to learn more and we are so excited to see her progressing. 
Something sad that happened this week was that one of the Hnas in our ward passed away. She was 79 years old but it was so sad and it all happened so quick. She was so sweet and meaned so much to us as missionaries because she always was so kind to us and when we ate in her house we always had such a good time. She was so humble. We went to her funeral viernes which was sad. My second funeral here in México. However, I know that El Plan de Salvacion is real and that Hna Leo is really happy to be with her family in heaven! 
Poor Hna Conde is not doing so well because her knees are really hurting but she is working so hard! We went to the doctor the other day so we are just working hard to help her feel better. 
We really had such a great week! I feel so blessed. My Spanish is really progressing too! I feel really good! however I am no where near where I need to be so im going to keep working! Learning Spanish is so worth it! Its super duper hard but worth it! haha 
I love you all so much! Hope everyone is doing well! Take Care!!!!!!Adios! 
Hna Connolly

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