Friday, March 18, 2016

Its getting so hot here in Tapachula!

Hi everyone!
This week was definitely interesting because it is getting super hot here in Tapachula! Hotter and hotter every day! haha Hna Conde are doing our best to stay cool but wow! haha Its great! This week was hard but full of great experiences. We are still working a ton with La Familia Cruz which is always a blast! Paulina is still loving young women's! Lupita also is enjoying everything! She still loves to read her Libro de Mormon. We are still working with Marian who will most likely not be baptized like we had planned because she is really worried about how it will work out once she moves to the US. But! We are working currently with la mamá de Lupita y Paulina! It is so wonderful! At first she really didn't want to listen to our lessons about the church but this week we saw a wonderful miracle as she is more and more open to hearing from us. She really enjoyed the Conferencia de Estaca and she also came to church yesterday. We are really excited to see what happens! A ver que pasa! 
Hna Conde and I have had some hilarious encounters with various people this week. We have had experiences with 3 drunk people this week and a few other experiences that are just hilarious! haha 
Lunes we had a great Noche de Hogar en la casa de el obispo which turned out great. We played a game kind of like Jeoperdy but with el LDM, La Biblia, La Liahona, y Doctrina y Convenios. It was so fun! 
On miércoles we had a wonderful reunión de distrito where we learned about how we can better teach CON el Espíritu Santo. Love it! We also had a fun time miércoles when los elders y two other hnos en el barrio helped us cut the weeds that we had around our house!!!!! We had a ton!!! haha 
The best best BEST thing that happened was jueves! We had a Noche de Barrio ( Family Night) and it was incredible! Honestly, it was a super super last minute activity that we put together! eek! haha but miracles really do happen because it turned out perfectly! Our barrio hasn't had many recent activities since Ive been here so it was amazing to see how much these people actually missed these small but meaningful actividades! Wow! Hna Conde y yo y tambien E. Legorreta y E. Runyun taught an awesome lesson with Alma 50 of ways that we can strengthen our barrio. Hna Conde and I even made a list of things that we are all going to comprometerse a hacer! I attached a pic of it with all of our firmas! So amazing! We played some hilarious games afterwards which was so incredible! I loved that we could "somehow" put together this wonderful activity for them all to enjoy! I already cant wait for our next activity! Wahoo! 
This week was where I learned how imporant it is that we have our Noches De Hogar CADA semana. EVERY week. They are trying a time where we can learn and grow together.
Well I am truly so grateful for this opportunity to be here in México. There are still some days when I cant even believe that I am actually here. Its amazing! Love it! México really is an amazing place! I am so lucky to be here serving the Lord. Im trying to be a better istrument in las manos del Señor cada día. Estoy agradecida por todo la apoyo y amor que he sentido que en la misión. Muchísimas gracias por todo! Amo a mi familia y sé que podemos ser una familia eterna. Sé que Dios quiere que seamos felices. 
Con amor,
Hna Morgan Connolly

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