Monday, March 28, 2016

Keep Moving Forward!

This week was great! Full of a ton of fantastic experiences! One this is for sure, that I both learned a lot this week...... and also ate a ton! Its a pretty good balance I think. lol.
Well the update of today is that Hna Conde and I are going to stay together another Cambio! Wahoo! Another 6 weeks here in Tapachula 2 where we are going to celebrate La Semana Santa (which includes the crazy heat that we are only beginning to feel! Wow!),  La Conferencia General coming up, and later on we are going to experience " las lluvias (rain stoms) de Tapachula!  More adventures here we come! 
Well this week started out really great as we are starting to teach la mamá de Lupita y Paulina. We are so excited! She already understands a lot from the times that she has come to church along with the conferencia de estaca. We left her with Folleto 1 so that she could read it. It was so funny because techincally she invited herself to be baptized. Haha after we left her el folleto, she said to us, "Im going to tell you something... Im not going to be baptized just because you are going to tell me that I need to. okay? Ive already been baptized in another church and I know that it not some game where we can just be baptized whenever we feel like it." She is the best. It was really great and we told her that we would definetly be explaining to her more about baptism. We are really looking forward to teaching her. 
We also were able to find time to help Lupita a little bit more in reading her Libro de Mormón. She cant read very fast but the effort that she puts into it is incredible!!! 
We are also still working with Florinda but we aren't sure if she is really interested or not. We are really praying and trying to help her understand more and more.
Miércoles we had our conferencia de multizonas con Presdente y Hermana George. Aww! It was so amazing to hear from them! Hna George taught us all how to lead music which was so great! Pres George then taught us about José Smith and how we can better understand the life of José. Presiddente George is amazing. We always learn so much from him! We also found out about the new video that the church just put out! Wahoo!

I am so excited about this new video! It is so great! I know that through Jesus Christ we can find a NEW life that is unlike anything that we could ever imgaine! He is our Savior! He loves us more that we could ever know. 
Jueves we were able to attend the stake activity para celebrate the anniversary of La Sociedad de Socorro!!! ( Relief Society) It was amazing! Each barrio put together a dance that we for a certain assigned country. It was so amazing! I love how everyone here makes dancing look so easy! haha! They even had a dance for Los Estados Unidos. haha! It was more about the pioneers but it was really great! I loved it! 
Veirnes was a day full of...well... Keep Moving Forward! haha Yes, it was a hard day but it was so worth it! We searched for a TON of people! We had received a ton of referencias but we werent able to actually find any of them! haha We also had a bunch of old investigators that we searched for pero... tampoco. However, it is so amazing how el Señor guides us in everything. He helps us even when we dont even realize it. Today was one of those kind of days! We were able to find a new menos activo that we didnt even know lived in our area. That was pretty cool! We also found una niña that we are going to start teaching. We are trying to help her mom and her sister to also become a little more open to hearing out message. We are really looking forward to it! 
This week was really great! We are going to see how this cambio turns out! Hna Conde and I are going to work super hard during these 6 weeks! One thing is for sure, that I feel the love of our Savior every day! During the hard days and during the even harder days! Its amazing to know that He is truly there for us. 
Thanks for all the love and support! 
Con todo mi amor, 
Hna Morgan Connolly

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