Monday, April 4, 2016

Ahora es el momento a confiar en Él

Things are going great here in Tapachula México. We enjoyed this week so much and were able to enjoy so many wonderful tender mercies. The reoccuring event of this week was the fact that even though we had a lot of appointments we weren't able to find many people in their homes. haha. The miracle of all of this however is the fact that we were then able to contact various new people that were there in the street. We were so amazed to find that even when we approached people who hadnt shown any interest in us, they turned out to be amazing people who where actually interested! I hope I can use this lesson every day in my mission because the Gospel really is for everyone! Its amazing! 
General Conference was so great! I loved it all soooo much! I truly experienced a miracle with the gift of tongues. I have to admit that all during the week I was so worried about if i would be able to understand the conference. But I know that Heavenly Father heard my prayers because I was able to listen to the whole conference in Spanish and be able to understand most of it. It was so amazing! I still am in shock! 
Some interesting changes that are going to be happening this week are that my companion Hna Conde will actually not be here in Tapachula for the next 2 weeks. She needs to rest her knees so she will be in Tuxtla. But I will have a temp companion who was a temp missionary this summer. I am really excited and she will be here tomorrow. I am also really nervous because I have no idea how it will all go. But I know that its all happening for a reason. I'm going to be learning a lot this week.
 As I learned in conference.... "Ahora es el momento a confiar en Él." Now is the time to trust in Him. 

Anyways... I hope all is well! Thanks for all the love and support that I can feel from all of you all the way to México! 

Hermana Morgan Connolly

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