Monday, April 11, 2016

Week of Adventure

This week was such an adventure because this was the first week that Hna Conde wasnt here. She is in Tuxtla. So...... one the the jovencitas de la otra estaca is here with me! Her name is Hermana Lopez! She is so sweet! She is a ton of fun! She is waiting a few more months until she is 19 so that she can leave on the mission! She is amazing! She has already been a temp missionary a few weeks ago so she already knows a ton! 
It was so cool this week because we were able to learn a ton together! We learned how to help each other more and how we can be more effective missionaries. Love it! 

I spent lunes with las capacitadoras (Hna Torres y Hna Luis) which was great! We had a great time! We had 2 amazing lessons that night about the 10 commandments and the plan of salvation! It was so great. I loved that i could learn from their wonderful examples of how i can teach better. I learned that i can teach more effectively if i focus more on their needs more than the doctrine! 

In the morning after our studies Hna Lopez came and we started our first day together!!! It was really great! We looked for a lot of old investigators and old contacts from a while back. It was interesting to see how even though we might now have found the person we were looking for, we were able to contact the people who were passing by which turned out to be so great! We met a lot of great people! We even has a lesson in the street! Eso!!!!!! 

We were able to do something really amazing today!!! One of the Hnas (Hna Robaldi) in our barrio has a sister who is not a member and just found out that she has cancer again. She has been fighting it for many years now and the fact that its back again is really discouraging for her. Hna Robaldi called us to ask if we could come and visit her in her house and share a small message with her about la familia and the wonderful plan that God has for las families. We didn't have much time to plan much for the lesson but it allowed us to really trust the spirit! It turned out to be so beautiful and she really was open to the things we taught her about the plan of salvation. 

We had our Noche de Barrio hoy which turned out great! We had an awesome lesson about Who is God? and How can we better "conocer" Him?  We actually didn't have many members show up but we were able to have a great time. One the the miracles that happened was defs the fact that only 2 hours before the activity I had the impression to call one of the less active Hnas in our ward to invite her to the activity. She said that she wouldn't be able to make it. But! She came!!! She said that her plans had somehow fell through and that she was able to make it. It was so great! She even came to  church on Sunday too! yay! 

Reunión de Zona!!!!!!!! It was so amazing! We learned so much! We learned about how we can better help our barrio by participating in el consejo de barrio (ward council). The most amazing thing is that this domgingo we were able to put in practice the things that we learned... and we are already seeing the blessings! We are seeing a lot more support from our ward and we can feel that the members are starting to trust us even more. We are really excited that our ward is trying to become better! 
After the reunion, we were able have an amazing lesson with la familia Zungia. We showed up at their house and it turned out to be perfect timing because one the sons had a rough day at school. This was a great time that we spent with this wondeful family because we were able to help them to reinvite the spirit into their home. The father was really thankful that we had come by which was so rewarding! 

Sabado y Domingo were also really great! awww!! Sorry! I can write all of the miracles!! haha 

I am so grateful to still be here in Tapachula! It is still super hot here and it is unlike anything i have ever seen or felt!! haha 

I know that this rhurch is true! I know it with all of my heart! I really would like to invite all of those who may not have not met the missionaries to meet with them and hear about this amazing message that is the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that you will be able to feel the love of the Savior more in your life. I know that this gospel can bless the lives of everyone! I have seen it in my life and here in Tapachula. I love this Gospel! 

Con todo mi amor, 
Hna Morgan Connolly

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