Monday, April 18, 2016

Earthquakes, Intercambios, and Little Caesers

This week was Week number 2 without Hna Conde, and Hna Lopez and I worked super hard this week! We were able to accomplish our goal with baptism invitations and we found a few new investigators this week! We are really super happy! 
Well at about 9 in the morning martes there was a tiny earthquake which was cool! Nothing super big but yeah! Kinda a normal thing here. haha 
We ate with La Familia Cruz for the first time officially por la comida martes which was super fun! Such a great family! We are really seeing some amazing changes in their home. Hna Gloria is still doing really well and we were able to see her few times this week. She is really thinking about if she should be baptized or not. She is so amazing!!!!
We area also still working with Hno Pedro which is going super well! At first we weren't sure of he really would act according to the things we had taught him, but Hna Lopez and I truly experienced a miracle this week. We taught his the rest of el plan de salvacion and we introduced la palabra de sabaduria(the word of wisdom) to him with a little bit of fear of what he might say in response. During our lesson he explained to us how he has felt such a change in his life since he has been learning more about the gospel from us and also from going to church. He truly understands how we can become better ONLY through Christ! We gave a small explanation de la palabra de sab. and he said that he is willing to stop drinking coffee so that he can be baptized! He is amazing! 
Sadly we had someone from our ward pass away this week in a car accident which was really hard. We visited their family yesterday and they are suffering pretty bad. We are praying for the guidance on the Spirit to help us know how we can help them as we visit them this week. 
We had intercambios this week! I worked here in Tap with Hna Torres while Hna Lopez worked with Hna Luis in Bonanza. I learned a ton! 
I finally tried Little Caesars today! and guess what....its the same! I love it!
I am so grateful for this week and for all the things i have learned! I know that the things we learn here in this life are so that we can gain experience. I know God has a plan for us and that is loves us So much. I know that as we work towards being more humble we will be able to gradually obtain "this love" (The Book of Mormon-Moroni 7:48.)
Con amor,
Hna Connolly❤

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