Thursday, May 12, 2016

Hi everyone!!! Happy Mothers Day(almost)!!!! I hope that everyone gives their mom a HUGE hug today becase thats something i wish i could do right now! Love you Mom!! 

This week was really amazing! Well it all started out in Tuxtla actually. I went to Tuxtla to find out who my new companion was. I was really exctied. I traveled with Hna Vargas and we got to know eachother really well. It was a ton of fun! When we got to la casa de la mision it was super fun to see a bunch of new missionaries but also to see some of the missinaries from my generation. Hna Limon was one of the Hnas from my gerneration and she was SO excited to see me! I didnt think she would even remember me! aww! It totally made my day! 
MY new companion is Hna Valencia!! We had such a geat week together! We worked really hard this week! I was really trying to help her to adapt to everything. She is learning super fast! 
We are seeing more miracles with the Familia Cruz. We were able to talk with with la abuelita and she it was amazing how we was able to feel that Spirit testifying that its true. Salma is really trying to chance her life. She trying to make sure to listen to beter music and to allow the Spirit to always be with her. 
Sorry that this is a short email but we were ablet o see a lot of miracles this week. 
Yesterday we found out that actually Hna Valencia is going to be changing areas to Coita. She is really excited to i actually wont be trainging anymore. Im pretty sad but i know that it all happens for a reason. My new companion is Hna Kotacachi. I havent met her yet but she will be coming tomorrow. Wahoo! We are going to see  ton of miracles together.
Im co grateful that i was able to talk to my family yesterday. I know that we are given families to bless us and supprot us everyday. Im so grateful to be a missionary! Every day im so gratefu! 
Con todo mi amor,. 
Hna Morgan Connolly

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