Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Tapachula...I'm lovin it

Hola! Im still living the dream here in Tapachula as a missionary! Its the best! I hace come to realize this more and more! I am soooo lucky to be here!!!
This week was great because we had the opportunity to look for a lot of new people to teach! Its great! It was a little hard because of the rain but it was great!
We had a funny experience this week with a new family that we contacted. Hna Cotacachi and I were so excited to finally teach this huge family! We had been looking forward to it all day. It finally came to be our last appointment of the day with them and suddenly it started raining a ton! haha normally I wouldn't think this would be too much of a problem because were we super close to their house and then we would be dry inside their house. However, like many houses here their roof is made of lamina (sheet metal) so it was SUPER loud!!! We couldn't hear a thing!! I couldn't believe it! haha it was so weird! We are so grateful that this family is so nice because they let us stay there until most of the rain had passed. haha We ended us playing games in English with the kids until the rain had passed. 
We felt soo bad because the last time that we were there they had offered us Coca Cola which we had to refuse. but this time... She offered us Coffee! and it was so painful to have to tell her again that we cant drink it! Aww... she is so sweet. We are hoping to meet with them again this week so that they can actually hear us this time. jaja 
My comp and i then walked (bascially swam) through the streets (RIVERS) full of water!! It was such an awesome adventure!! We were soaked!!!! haha i love it! and thankfully we are okay! haha

We had our noche de barrio this week which turned out good! It started at 6.. and it also started raining super hard at 6... so not a lot of members showed up! We had a certain investigadora who was planning on coming and we were super bummed as we realized that she wouldnt be able to make it with all the rain and her 2 kids. We started our noche de barrio when about 15 minutes later.... She walks in!! Soaking wet with her baby in her arms and her daughter! wow! We were so amazed! She is so great!! She is such an example to me! Coming to the activity with her kids in the rain! wow! 

We are trying to work really hard here in Tapachula! We have a lot of faith for this week! 
Not sure if this next week will be my last week in Tapachula but im determined to enjoy every minute of it!!!! haha 

Thanks for all the love and support! 

Con amor, 
Hermana Morgan Connolly

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