Tuesday, May 3, 2016

You recieve no "miracles" until after the trail of your faith

This week was really great because we were able to plan for the baptism of Salma. When we heard from her on lunes that her mom had finally given her permission, we were so excited! What a blessing it was on Saturday as she was finally able to be baptized. It was beautiful! I was so grateful because a lot of people ended up coming to support her! It was amazing to see a lot of memebers, her family, and her friends be there for her. Her mom doesnt live here so we were able to get permission to do a videocall. Her mom was really happy for her daughter! We got to talk to her a little bit and she was so happy! 
Afterwards was super amazing because her aunt (who was have also been teaching for a little while) started to ask us questions of what she needed to do so that she could also be baptized. aww! She is so amazing! There are a few things that we need to explain to her but we feel that at this point nothing can diminish her desire to be baptized. 
We were also blessed because one of our other investigators, Hno Pedro, was able to come to the baptism. He had a great experience and we are already seeing his desire to keep preparing grow even more! He is going to be baptized in 2 weeks and is really looking forward to it! 
Hna Conde and I are so grateful for the sweet tender mercies that we have recieved this week. This week we were able to see the "fruits" of our labors. 
This is something that I have learned during my mission: When we work hard and do our best we will always recieve our reward. It will most likely not be in the timing that we want but we will recieve so many blessings. I know that the Lord wants us to suceed in this life and he is more than willing to help us if we ask for help. 

Well we found out on friday about los cambios.... and...

I am going to be staying in Tapachula again!!!!! wahoo! haha I kept making the joke that I was called to serve in the Tapachula Mexico Mission. Lol. Im really excited! Also.. I will be trainging this next cambio! Wow! What a blessing! I am really nervous, but i am so grateful for the confidence that Hna Conde, Presidente George, and most importantly el Señor have in me. I know that its all going to work out as long as i trust in el Señor en cada momento!!! 

Love you all so much! Heres to another 6 weeks in Tapachula! Bring on the heat and to make it even better... bring on the rain! wahoo! 

Con todo mi amor, 
Hermana Morgan Connolly

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