Monday, June 20, 2016

Bienvenida a Arriaga! 
Starting a new chapter here in Arriaga with my new companion Hermana Ruvalcaba. She is amazing! We are la Capacitadoras of Arriaga y Chahuites(Tonalá). It is so great here! This week was really great because I got to meet a ton of great people here. Its my first time en una rama!!! I am so in love! Its so great! I love how there are so many members that just love to serve and help others. 
We have a few investigators that are progressing and we were actually able to find a few more this week. It was so great! I am so thankful to be here. Its difinitely different than Tapachula because its a small little town instead of being close to the the city. Im a lot closer to Tuxtla which is fun. Its only a little more than 2 hours away.
We had our noche de rama on miércoles which was so great! Before hand we had a lesson in la capilla and then there was a surprise party
for one of the jovenes in the branch. It was so cute! Something that I love about this rama is the fact that all of the teenagers and children are always together playing and having fun! The older ones take care of the younger ones and the little kids true love and adore the teenagers. They are all super hilarious! 
There is a recent convert who was just baptized last week who is sooo incredible! His name is Hno Nelson and...Wow! He is so great! He loves to learn! He always shows up to all of the activities and services and our lessons and literally just soaks in all of the knowledge and doctrine! Its amazing! We taught his this week a little more about the priesthood and there were so many moments when he just didnt have any words to explain how excited and amazing he was to learn about this amazing power and authority that we have restored here on the earth! wow! He is so great! I feel so blessed to have met him! He is so sweet and always carries with his a HUGE bible along with his Libro de Mormon, his Triple. Literally always ready to learn more!  
I had the most amazing experience on Saturday because I was finally able to go to the temple. It was so beautiful! I loved every minute of it! We went to Tuxtla with the branch in Tonalá con las hermanas Limon y Dangl. They are super fun! We were even able to see Pdt Goerge there. He is so amazing. He is so loving and he turly cares and loves everyone here in the mission. 
The amazing part was the fact that it wasnt in Spanish! They had subtitles in Spanish but it was in a dialect that we have here in Chiapas called Tzotzil. It was so amazing!! The church really is the same in all places and languages!!! Wow! 
I love our cute little rama and I know that im going to be learning a ton here! what a blessing it is so be here to learn! I feel so blessed to be able to serve these amazing Hermanas that we have in our zones. They are such hard workers! ❤ 

Everyday i feel more and more blessed to be here on the mission. I cannot believe that I am almost half way done....ay! no! I dont like thinking about that! It am so lucky to be here! I have already seen so many miracles here and I know that we will see so many more! I love is here in Arriaga! 

Con mucho amor, 

Hermana Morgan Connolly

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