Saturday, July 16, 2016

9 Months Down and hoping it Never Ends!!!! I love México! 
Pues.... I officially completed 9 months as a missionary and I cannot believe it! I have come to realize how lucky I am so be here! Its amazing all the things that we can learn when we let the Spirit guide us. I am so lucky to be here in Arriaga sweating more than ever before with the amazing Hna Ruvalcaba as my compañera. We are working so hard and seeing so many miracles! 
This week was a little different than we expected because we were officially trapped in Arriaga. haha These silly "Maestros" are blocking off all of the main roads so that no one can travel anywhere! Yeah.. Its weird. haha We were going to have intercambio this week but we were unable to. Sadly.... 
however! Things are much better now and we get to go to Tuxtla today to have our Leaders conference! yay! I am really excited! What a blessing it is to have such a great Presidente de Mision. He is so great! I know that he will teach us a lot. Today will be really fun!
This week was REALLY hot all week! haha It was crazy! Sometimes you just have to keep in mind," I will never be able to work this hard and sweat this much but here in México on the mission." Wahoo!!! Love it! 
We had such an awesome adventure el Sabado when we traveled (10 minutes) to a nearby colonia called Azteca. There are only a few members that live there but we are looking for more people to teach there. We have on investigator named Pablo who lives there and he is amazing! He doesn't know how to read but he loves to learn! What was so funny was that when he first started to talk to us he really didn't know much about our church. But! Turns out! Hes been to Utah in Temple Square. haha! Love it! He actually didn't think that we believed in God.... so he was SUPER relieved when we proudly told him that Yes! We do believe in God! LOL! 
We had an awesome experience when we found this cool river close by! We we enjoying the view for a little while when suddenly a sweet woman and her husband showed up to wash their clothes in the river. They were so super nice! And... We totally got to help then wash clothes in the river! Woot Woot! Its always fun to learn new things right?? haha While washing their clothes a motorcycle got stuck in the river. haha So we got to help him out too! Love it! It was amazing to see how we can always find ways to serve others! La Hna later even gave us arroz con leche. Yum! Super yummy! 
Yesterday in Church we gave the lesson in la sociedad de soccorro which was cool! haha We talked about "sacrifice" and watched the church video about John Tanner. Such a great message! 

Well sorry that I cant write about everything even though i wish i could. I'm having a ton of fun and spiritual adventures! First time in a bicitaxi, washing clothes in a river, and learning new things everyday! I am so happy to be here. 

I KNOW that our Heavenly Father loves us more than we know! More than we can comprehend! He knows us and he knows the desires of our hearts. He wants to help us in any way that he can! I KNOW that through the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ we can be truly happy. 

I love you all so much! Take care! 

Happy 4th of July Everyone!

Con amor, 
Hna Connolly 

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