Saturday, July 16, 2016

Hi everyone! 
This week was super great! I learned SO much! 
I am sooo grateful that we were able to go to Tuxtla for el consejo with Pdt George! It was amazing! We got to Tuxtla about 430 (without any problems from los maestros thankfully) and we were able to shop around for a bit there. 
And... I officially bought a pair of dress pants to use! LOL! Its going to be hilarious! We are probably going to use them this week which will be so different and probably really weird but yeah! Adventure! haha 
We made it to la casa de la misión around 630 where we ended up having a great time laughing with a bunch of other Hnas y Elderes. I loved it! I got to see Hna Luis from Tapachula which was so great!  We were super hungry but didnt know if we were going to eat any time soon. When suddenly someone knocked on the door. Turns out Hna George had called to order pizza without telling us. haha surprise! 15 Dominos Pizzas!!! haha Yum! 
el martes was el consejo from 9 am to 3 pm. It was amazing! I know that Pdt George receives revelation for us as a mission. He is so aware of what we need to change so that we can help our investigators more. We are still working really hard with our 21 lesson with members present every week and it is such a blessing. He showed us a few of the results from the past few weeks and we are already seeing so many blessings and miracles from our efforts en toda la misión!!!!! wow! 
El miércoles we were able to work in our area all day and it actually turned out being the only full day we worked in our area... haha. We were able to do a lot! We were able to visit with Hna Socorro who we have been working with for a while but she is really afraid to change religion. She is so great and is learning so much. I have loved seeing the Spirit work within her because today when we visited with her we noticed something different about her. She was more receptive to the things we taught and is much more willing to keep learning. Our goal for her right now is that she is able to make it to church. I know that if she takes this step of faith, the Lord with bless her so much! We are praying a lot for her and her progress! 
We also met with Virna who is going to be baptized this week! yay! We are really excited for her! She has progressed so much. We taught her about Pres. Thomas S, Monson and she was so amazed. I Know that we need to have a prophet in these latter days! This is something that I was able to learn this week. 
El jueves we had our first conferecia de zona en Tonalá which was so fun! Afterwards we stayed in Tonalá where we had divisions with Hna Limon and Hna Dangl because Hna Limon is sick. 
El viernes we had our other conferencia de zona en Chahuites. I finally got to know Hna Torres and Hna Velasquez and Hna Arrellano. They are sooo sweet! 
Afterwards we started our intercambios with Hna Limon and Hna Dangl! I was so excited! I stayed in Tonalá with Hna Dangl. We had a great time. She is amazing! 
What was really odd was what we ended up eating. haha. They served us some sort of mixture of shrimp and other seafood.  It wasn't my fav but i ate it totally not knowing what it was. .... turns out.. I ate Octupus and Sea Snail..... Bleck! never again! lol! Thank goodness we survived that! haha 

This week was truly amazing because the Lord took care of us in so many ways! He was always making sure that we made it to where we needed to me. As we traveled a ton He was always there to take care of us. Its amazing what he does for those are He loves... and something that I learned even more about this week... and HE loves us ALL so much! Él nos amo tanto! 
I am so greateful to be here! I am learning so much about how i can be a better missionary, capacitadora, companion, and most importantly daughter of God. I am so thankful for the Gospel in my life and for this opportunity to serve the Lord here in my mission. I love my mission!

Thanks for all the love and support from my family and friends! Shoutout to my brother Brayden who will be having a birthday this week! Love you Bro!

Con todo mi amor, 
Hna Connolly 

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