Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Adventures and Miracles EVERYDAY!

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I wish i could write more but i really dont have much time. Ill do my best. All in all... This week was INCREDIBLE!! I loved it!!!

All of the adventures and miracles started when we have a "road trip" with Pdt y Hna George! It was soo fun! We made it to Mapastepec just fine! They are the sweetest couple ever! My comp got to fianlly show me how much English she knows... and she knows a TOn!!! haha
We have diviciones with the Hnas de Mapa and it was so fun! We got stuck in a really bad rain storm right at the end of the day but its all part of the adventure. I was with Hna Vasquez. She is adorable! She is from Guatemala.
We then left the next day (again with Pdt George) back to Arriaga. We got to stop on Tonala for a little while too so Hna George took us out shopping and for Frap-Pozol! Its Pozol... but better! I love! All the missionaries love it! haha (dont worry.... it doesnt have coffee. haha )
LAter that day we then had our interviews with Pdt George. AW! He is so great! He is so much confidence in me! haha lets hope thats a good thing! ;)
Later on we actaully didnt go to la moche de rama because we really had to talk to Hna Virna who was going to be baptized this week. She was having a lot of doubt and we knew that had to be there for her. and WOW! it was a miracle!! I know that all the scriptures and things that we shared with her to help her regain her confiedence in her desicion was the Spirit. For reals! It was amazing!!! We did what we could do and the Spirit did ALL the rest. wow!
El presidente de la rama then gave us a ride home in the back of his truck! wahoo! (mom, dont worry it wasnt too far of a trip. haha) Perfect photo moment! haha
Thursday was the First DAy that we used out PANTALONES!!!!!! haha it was super weird but also pretty nice. haha!
Friday... Hna. Virna´s baptism! yay!
It was beautiful! We made super cute programs that said "SUPERMAMI." it was adorable! She was So happy!!! All of her kids are members, starting with her hija who joined the church 3 years ago. And within those 3 years her 2 brothers also joines. El Evangelio bendice a las familias! yay!
On Saturday we worked again with our pantalones and we were able to have a TOn of lesson wiht members present! yay!
Today... we got to the beach! We went with Hna Dangl and Hna Limon. Its the last P day for my comp... which is sad. but we had a BLAST! we took a ton of photos!!! haha It is so beautiful!! Love it!
I am feeling super good! I love my mission! really and truly! So many adventures and miracles everyday! Its great! Mexico is great! Still super hot here!
Im so grateful for this opportunity to be here in Mexico. I love it! I know that the Lord takes care of his missionaries. I have seen His hand lead a guide us. He truly loves us! He loves His children!
Con amor,
Hna Morgan Connolly

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