Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Well I cant tell you why or how... but somehow this day has actually come! and I'm here in Mexico and I am now officially 20 years old. ekk! haha! I am so blessed to be here! I cant believe the the time is going by so fast! (I know that I probs say that every week... but its because its true! haha ) Thanks for all the birthday emails that I got today! I am so blessed to have such

great family and friends who are ALWAYS there to support me! Thanks!!!!!!


This week was week #1 with Hna Nolasco! Ella es muuuy buena!!! We are working super hard together! I am so lucky to have her as my companion. She is from Guatemala and this week she completed 16 months in the mission. So she only has a little bit left sadly. She still has a lot of energy and motivation!

This week we were able to start off by heading to Chahuites (en Oaxaca) in order to got to a reunion de lideres. It was awesome! We had a great time! haha its always an adventure when we have to take a taxi full of people in order to get there! I love it! We were able to work really hard in our area this week as we contacted a bunch! We had our goal at 35 and we did 39!! (That means that they are willing to have us meet with them again! yay! )  It was amazing!!! We were able to see soooo many blessings del Señor this week! It was amazing how He would put such amazing people in our way so that we could help them to feel the Spirit. We are so blessed! We are excited to be able to find "los escogidos"! yay!

We recently started teaching una hna named Laura. She is super great! Her mother in law (Hna Alva) is in our branch. Laura talked with the missionaries a long time ago but she is allowing us to start visiting her again. She is really receptive and I feel like she is going to keep progressing. We are praying a lot for her! I know it would bless her and her family a ton! 

So something funny that happened this week... was pretty legendary. okay not so much but guess what? We were just walking along in one of the colonias that we have in our area when suddenly! a chicken crossed the road. haha Okay.. this wasn't the first time that this has happen, so thats not why it was funny. It was funny because when Hna Nolasco saw it she started to laugh and I thought that she already thought of the joke. So i started to say, "¡y porque cruzó la gallina? pero, ¿porque?? She was really confused and then realized! haha we couldnt stop laughing afterwards! haha 

I truly am so thankful for all that I have experienced here in the mission. I offically have 10 months in the mission. I have forgotten how to speak English. I have learned that its being one of very few who have blue eyes here, always catches peoples attention. I've learned that I love singing in Spanish. Ive eaten a few weird foods. I have learned how to wash clothes by hand. I have learned how to help out in the ward or branch. I have learned how amazing it is that we have the priesthood restored here on the earth. I have learned that humility is the hardest Christ like sttribute to develop, but that its not something impossible if we ask God for help. I have learned how important the family is to God. . I have learned how happy the gospel makes people! That's why we have to share it with Everyone! I have learned to love my Savior and Redeemer more than ever before. I know I'm here with such a sacred calling and I have been called to serve. What an honor and a privilege it is to be here representing the Lord, His church, and my family. 

Thanks for everything!  
Here's to eating a ton of tacos on my birthday! 

con amor, 
Hermana Morgan Connolly
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