Saturday, August 27, 2016

Juegos de Mesa!

Hi everyone!!! haha This week was really great. Hna Nolasco and I were able to work a ton this week!,... while always having a little fun too (of course)! haha
Let me just start out by saying that this week was super hot! Im still no sure why exactly... but this week seemed much hotter than more weeks! haha Its was sure an adventure here in Arraiga. Gotta love taking showers before bed so that you can actually be able to sleep at night! lol! love it! haha
Well we had a little bit of a rough day el martes because as we were visiting many of our investigators we realized that a lot of them werent progressing. And yeah... that was really hard. But my comp and I had an amazing experience as we took a break and said a prayer in la capilla. I know that we are really here on the Lords errand. Its amazing how we can always ask for the help of the Lord when we need to. This was really something that me a my companion learned this week. We decided early on this week that we really needed to ask for the guidance of the Lord more often. And thats how all of the amazing spritual experiences started happening! like.. wow! 
We are still working with hna Laura whos mother in law is a member. She actaully already knows a lot about the church and what we believe but she has a lot of doubts. It was so amazing because we miercoles we had a lesson with her and she allowed the Spirit to teach her! We taught the Resoration and she realized that there really is something "different" about our church. My comp and I left that lesson in shock to realize the change that we had seen in Hna Laura from the beginning to the end our lesson. As is says in Preach My Gospel... We need to always trust that Lesson 1 is our central message as missionaries. 
el miercoles we were going to have our Noche de Rama but..... it started to rain SUPER hard!!!!!! haha It was crazy! There was a ton of thunder and lightening! haha thankfully we were in la capilla. haha
El jueves we were able to have diviciones with las hnaa de Ixhuatan (Oaxaca). It was so awesome! We traveled to their house in the morning and then we were able to work in the afternoon. I was able to work with Hna Romero who is amazing! She is going to be finishing her misisonin 2 weeks now.. aww.... She really is super great! I was able to learn a lot from her! What a blessing! 
We were talking that day about whats we liked to do before the mission. Hna Romero then asked me what kind of things we like to do in the U.S. I started thinking... and before i could give her an answer she said "You guys just like to play table games, right?!?!" haha it was hilarious! haha I was laughing so hard! 
We were really able to see so many miracles this week! I KNOW that it is the Holy Ghost that is helping our investigators to keep progressing. 
We got to church yesterday just hoping that all of the investigators would make it to at least the first hour. We were super nervous. We first passed by Dianas house to find that she was already to go and would be going to the chapel with her brother. Then passed by a car with one of our investigators and 2 menos activos on their way to the chapel too! It was amazing! We were sooo  happpy! I know that the Lord blesses us even if we dont deserve it.
This was such a great week. We are truly so blessed as missionaries to be able to see so many miracles. I am loving it here! haha 
Thanks for all the love and support! 
Take care! CuĂ­dense mucho! 
con amor,
Hna Connolly

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