Sunday, August 14, 2016

Starting out August with CAKE! 

This week was full of a lot of fun adventures. I was able to have a wonderful birthday!  We did the rest of our pday activities and then... we had an awesome lesson with our new investigator, Victor and his cousin Paul. They are so great! It was amazing!! They actually read their folleto and we excited to keep learning. Paul is 12 and is super excited to learn more. We would ask Victor to explain to us what he understood from what we had explained and Victor would jump out of his seat and shout "Yo sé! Yo sé!..." It was awesome!  always so fun!

Afterward, my líder de distrito, Elder Lopez, and his companion Elder Pantoja bought me a cute little cake. It was sooo sweet! We had a tiny little surprise birthday party! It was so fun! And of course my face always ends up being smashed in the cake.
Another family (Familia Galvez) from the branch had invited us over also so we had another little party! haha entonces.... another face in the cake! haha love it! Its awesome! I fee so blessed that these wonderful people wanted to make that day special! It was a great day! I loved it! I truly feel so grateful to have celebrated my 20th birthday here in Arriaga, here in Mexico, serving my mission! I feel so lucky! 
Well we officially had to start planning the baptism of our wonderful investigator Aaron. He is 8 and will be turning 9 on Wednesday (10 de Ago) and he wants to be baptized that day. We have been preparing him for like a month and a half now and he is so great! He is sooooo hilarious!!!! We always end up lauging a ton! He is super excited for his baptism! Saldy, his family is less active and they haven't been to church for quite a while so we can only hope that this will help his whole fam. 
On Wednesday, cute Hna Violeta and her husband Hno Humberto, put together another little birthday party! It was so fun!!!! We showed up to eat and they had put up a bunch of cute little balloons! It was so simple and so perfect! We ate a delicious soup and then... we ate tacos!!!!!! yay! They were soooo yummy! They are so amazing! It is always a blessing when we are able to have the support and love of the members. 
That night my compa and I had the awesome priviledge (again) to teach the lesson in the noche de rama. It was awesome! Not many people showed up this week "apparently" because of the rain. haha It turned out super great! We talked about how we can become disciples of Christ. It was such a wonderful spiritual experience. 
This week all of the youth are at their "fsy" program so we had to get a little more creative in how we were going to meet our goal of 21 lessons with members present. It was such a blessing because we were able to have other "older" members join us! it was awesome! We have some great members here in la rama Azteca! Love it! 
On Thursday after we had eaten we were able to have an aweome adventure with Hna Elizabeth and Hno Nico and their two little grandchildren. They had meet a cute couple about 2 weeks ago who wanted to learn more about the church. They had already come to church once and another time in the noche de rama. They live in a random colonia kinda far away so Hna Elizabeth and Hno Nico where going to help us find their house. Sadly they weren't home. And as soon as we found out they weren't home... It started to downpour in rain!!!!! It was hilarious! haha Luckily, Hno nico has a brother that lived only a few houses away. Loved it! And of course we had to take some awesome pictures on the rain. There is this bridge that is suuuper old that we passed by. It was awesome!
That night we had an noche de hogar with the familia hernandez. We feel like we have such a better relationship with them now! 
Friday was another day full of rain! It started raining at like 830 and didnt stop until like 4. haha and then it started again at like 6. haha love it! The cool thing is that we always have some of the best experiences in the rain. We were able to meet a lot of great people that day. 
This week was soooo great! I am so thankful for the experiences that Ive had! I love being here! 
Today we are starting yet another adventure and we are going to Tuxtla today at 230. Tomorrow we will be having our consejo de liderazgo. yay! Im super excited! Los consejos are always super fun! 
Thanks for all the birthday emails! Thanks for all the love and support that I recieve from my fam and friends! I am so thankful to have the Gospel in my life. I honestly don't know where I would be without it. 

I love my mission! 

Hna Morgan Connolly 

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  1. Glad you had a great birthday! We love and think about you always


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