Thursday, September 29, 2016

New transfer to Tuxtla

Well it can easily be said that this week was a week full of surprises. 
It started in Arriaga... and ended in Tuxtla. haha Thats right! I am now in Tuxtla Gutierrez!!!! I am sooo happy to be here! It is super different! 
On tuesday morning Pdt George called us to inform us about the changes that would be made. Surprise... Cambios Especiales! haha 
I did my best to say goodbye to everyone but it was hard to only have one day. Sadly I coudlnt say goodbye to everyone. 
On Wednesday at 1 I left Arriaga and traveled 2 hours (alone... which was weird) and 2 hours later i got to Tuxtla! I had no idea what or who to expect! 
I got there with all my luggage and there was not another missionary in sight. haha One of the workers at the OCC helped me to at least get my luggage in the terminal. It was then when I finally recongnized Hna Limon there with 2 others missionaries!!! It was so good to see them all! Hna Limon is training Hna Jasperson so she was there and they were with Hna Gomez who is my new companion!! She is super great! We have only had a few days together but she is super super great! This past week so completed 4 months in the mission! AWw!!! She is just a baby!! It is sooo fun being with her! We have already become great frineds. I love how willing she is to learn! We have taken so many picstures together and w have so many plans about how we are going to baptize every week!! wahoo! 
We have a baptism planned for this week on Friday... however her mom doesnt want it to be on Friday, she wants it to be on Saturday but we have General Conference this weekend... so honestly I dont know how it will all work out but Im just praying that everything will work out! 
I loooved the General Womens Conference this weekend!!! It was amazing! There were so many wise counsels given. Loved it! As we got to the conference i was able to see cute little Fryda from Arraiga. She now lives in Tuxtla. It was sooo great to see her! 

Well thats all i got for this week.. It was crazy and full of surprises but I love that thats how life is. We always need to expect surprises in our lives... and Enjoy them!!!! 

con mucho amor, 
Hna Connolly

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