Monday, November 28, 2016

And the adventure in Tuxtla will continue!

Hi everyone!!!

Well this week seriously went by really fast and I like I have to blame my compa Hna Gomez because she is sooo hilariously fun that the time always goes by too fast. Love her!!!! 
Well this week was super interesting because all of the members were so unsure about how it would all go el domingo in the chapel with a new bishop and new... pues.. everything! jaja 
We had our first baptism as Barrio MActumatzá!!!! Wahoo!!! Alfonso por fin se bautizó!!!! El esta muuy contento! It was a miracle this week because Alfonso was scared to ask his dad for permission to be baptized. So we got to their house on Thursday and turns out his dad is super friendly. We got to know him a little bit and he actually has already met with missionaries a few months back. It was great! I hope that we will be able to help him understand more about why his son was baptized. 
Alfonso´s baptism was really great! It was great how it all came together so nicely. It awesome because we were able to invite members from barrio Juarez and barrio Central so that they could support Alfonso. It was amazing!!!! I loved the Spirit that was there!!!! 
We are currently teaching Roberto who is a friend of Atalía (who was baptized only about 3 weeks ago) and he is super great!! He wants to learn... but has a TON of questions!!!!! haha We were able to have a great experience with him as we weatched the movie about La Restauración. We put the movie and and told him that if he has a question during the movie he could pause it and ask us. So, he did. haha he only paused it like 4 times but we were able to clarify a few things. When the movie ended I was thinking "Okay moment of silence... we are just going to wait and let the Spirit stay here...." and we just waited. Roberto then stood up and turned the TV off and said... " Theres only 1 mistake in this movie...." ahhh!! no!!! haha but it wasnt that bad because the movie really did help him to understand a few things. It was great! We really feel that he is going to keep progressing as long as we focus on his commitments. We are praying a ton for him! 
We got the church on Sunday to find the chapel full!!!! It was amazing!!! Obvisously it isnt the best thing that the barrios had to be joined together because neither or them were self sufficient. It was so great to see that we now have the chance to work harder to that one day our ward can be split into 2 again. But i do have to admit that it was amazing to see the "invisible line" slowly start to disapear between the two wards. Its going to be a great experience for everyone!!!
Well that also means that there are now 4 missinaries in the ward. My companion and I along with Hna Limón and Hna Jasperson. We were super scared because Pdt George said that he might have to move on companioship to another area. So we waited anxiously until Saturday night when our leaders called us to tell us... That all 4 of us will be STAYING here!!!!! wahoo!!!!!!!! We were sooooooooo excited!!!! It is so awesome!!! When the 4 of us are together it is such a party!!! lol! We are so excited and ready to see the miracles!!!

Well thats all for now! haha Love you! I really am so greateful to be here! I cant believe that the Lord has given me this amazing opportunity to serve here in Chiapas where I have been about the learn and grow. I LOVE this Gospel and I KNOW it is true! 

Love you all!!

Hna Morgan Connolly

fotos: gotta love how we look like Testigos de Johová with these hats! lol! 

baptism pics!! woot woot! 

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