Monday, March 20, 2017

Let's get down to business

This week was really great!! We had a blast!! We were able to enjoy this week! I am so grateful for my companion because she it always helping me out! Im so proud to call her "mi hija!" 
It all went by so fast! 
The biggest miracle that we saw this week was with el hna Julio Cesar. He is married to Hna Carolina who is less active. We have to helping them out a bunch these past... few months and she even made it to church a few times. We have seen a huge change in their whole family. Carolina is the only member in her fam. When her daughter (9 years old) went to the church for the first time she was SO excited because she loved it! she left the chapel saying that she wanted to be able to come every day! It was awesome! anyways..This week we went to visit Hna Carolina and we only found Hno Julio home with the kids. We stated talking to him and WOW what a change! He told us that he is interested in learning more about the gospel! He is really great and we are hoping to see a miracle really soon! 
I feel so grateful to be here!!! sorry that I couldnt write very much today.... 

Enjoy the pics! We went up to the mountains today and it was aweome!!!! 

con amor,
Hna Connolly

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